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3D printing to fight Covid-19

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Who are we ?


Energy Generation is a pan-African organization based in Togo and Ghana that supports young Africans in addressing their generation's most pressing challenges (in energy, agriculture, health...) through entrepreneurship and technology.



Inspired by other initiatives around the world, the

Covid-19 3D-Print

plateforme aims at gathering open-source knowledge around 3D printing solutions tailored for an African context, ranging from technical conception to procurement and logistics challenges.

What do we do?


The virus is benign in most cases but its extremely rapid spread and the virulence of the related symptoms lead to a congestion of health systems.

Therefore is it crucial to be to support the health systems as much as we can.



In order to tap further  into the collective intelligence, we will organise an online hackathon on
May 1, 2 and 3rd 2020
to invite as many people as possible to think together about how we can optimise our solutions and, above all, make them accessible to as many people as possible throughout Africa.

The solutions


Our priority project is the production of "low cost" and "made in Africa" respirators as well as the reflection on energy solutions that will allow their use in areas without electricity.In addition, we also want to produce accessories such as protective masks and visors for healthcare personnel.

Join us!




“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

— African Proverb

Every contribution counts!



Liste des Solutions



3D printing general article with several intiatives:

3D printed respirators made by the Czech institute for computer science received official certification: In Spain, the first 3D printed respirator has just been developed and approved by medical experts: Czech automobile manufacture ŠKODA revealed that it is using its in-house Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing equipment to help in the production of respirators for front-line medical staff:
As Italy’s hospitals have run out of equipment, one hospital is making its own using 3D printers and local expertise: Le collectif “makers for life” développe des respirateurs d’urgence:
Ventilaid, un respirateur imprimable en 3D créé en Pologne: TECHNICAL DATA Please register to assess the plateform. COMMUNITY Please register to assess the plateform. ​​​​​​​

Protective masks

Initiative from the United States, 3D printing masks and donating them to the local hospitals: Initiative from the University of Leicester to develop 3D printed protective masks: In Billings, Montana, some healthcare professionals are using 3D printers to make reusable plastic face masks: Des écoles d’ingénieurs mettent leurs capacités d'impression 3D au service des soignants: TECHNICAL DATA Please register to assess the plateform. COMMUNITY Please register to assess the plateform.

Protective visors


Ford started 3D printing face shield to face the pandemic: Cornell University is productions visors: Several examples around the world: Des particuliers de haute savoie se mobilisent pour fabriquer des masques avec visière: ​​​​​​​Un réseau d’impression dans la Marne et dans Ardennes: TECHNICAL DATA Please register to assess the plateform COMMUNITY Please register to assess the plateform. ​​​​​​​

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