Nous avons une excellente nouvelle pour vous ! 

La Fondation du Groupe EDF soutiendra Energy Generation dans le financement et les travaux d’une installation solaire sur notre campus, à Lomé.

Ce système solaire sera installé avec l’aide des apprentis-entrepreneurs (vous !). Il s’agit là d’une excellente opportunité pour vous d’apprendre et de vous exercer de manière professionnelle sur une "réelle" installation.

As solar represents a real opportunity to create jobs for young people while participating in the socio-economic development of African rural areas in particular, Energy Generation has created a ten-month programme aimed at training and supporting solar entrepreneurs. 

Whatever level of education you are currently in, the Solar Entrepreneurship Training offers you a tailor-made programme to guarantee you a training and support system that perfectly meets your current needs and your future plans.

The Solar Entrepreneurship Training Programme offers you an excellent training in solar system installation and entrepreneurship

Quel que soit votre niveau d'études actuel, la FES vous propose un programme sur mesure pour vous garantir une formation répondant parfaitement à vos besoins et à vos projets d'avenir.


Duration: 11 weeks

Level 0: Electrical certification (basics)

Level 1: Installation of photovoltaic solar panels

Level 2: Maintenance

Individual and safety tools included

Technical certificate


Duration : 9 weeks

 Technical course



Introduction to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial certificate

Possibility of an internship


Duration : 5 months

Technical course


 Entrepreneurship course


Support for entrepreneurship

Seed funding

« Thanks to this programme, a hundred women will be equipped with a future profession that will ensure them better economic prospects, but most importantly, they will be trained to be full actors who will play key roles in the energy transition of their countries. »


Astria Fataki, President and Founder of Energy Generation, in Partnership with EDF

The Solar Entrepreneurship Programme trains technicians who are ready to transform Africa by fully engaging in organizations or by creating their own business in order to work towards a  positive and lasting change.

Our programmes are taught during the day and evening in French on our Lomé campus in Togo and in English on our Accra campus in Ghana.

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Practical and professional training

The Solar Entrepreneurship Training  is a 10-month programme based on the development of practical skills and divided into two parts. The first part which is the technical course, deals with the technical aspects of the installation and maintenance of solar systems. This course lasts  for 11 weeks.


The entrepreneurship course has been designed to equip learners with the basic skills for setting up and running a business in order to be competitive on the market. This second part makes the learner a technical sales representative in the solar field.

The programme benefits from technical and educational support from the Schneider Electric Foundation and financial support from the global leader in energy- Electricité de France (EDF), in the form of grants for young women.

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Our ambition is to offer an excellent training for the personal and professional development of a new generation of leaders in the energy sector in Africa.


Our selection process is therefore meticulous. We are looking for candidates who are highly motivated to learn a profession of the future. In light of this, prior knowledge in the photovoltaic or entrepreneurship sector is not necessarily essential if the candidate shows great motivation.



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Knowledge Test

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The objective of this test is to ensure the homogeneity of the level of learners within the training group.



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July 26th, 2021