"In 30 years, Africa will be the youngest continent in the world, so the youth of today have to be aware [...] and take action to be the leaders that the world will need tomorrow"
Astria Fataki, President & Founder of Energy Generation, ESI Africa

The Business & Agri School trains the leaders of tomorrow's Africa in the agricultural and food sector, technological innovation and entrepreneurship.


By joining our Pan-African school, you will obtain an internationally recognized diploma while participating in the continent's agricultural & food industry development  through an innovative entrepreneurial project.

Benefit from a program based on a holistic approach


A unique program, based on MIT's Design Thinking method to develop your Minimum Viable Product from a technical (prototype) and commercial (business model) point of view.


An opportunity to obtain funding designed specifically to support the initiation and large-scale marketing of your project through the Energy Generation Seed Fund.

La Business & Agri School vous forme pour entreprendre dans le secteur agroalimentaire en Afrique

Quel que soit votre niveau d'études actuel, la Business & Agri School vous propose un programme de formation adapté et conçu pour vous accompagner au niveau supérieur.


Nos programmes sont dispensés en français sur notre campus à Lomé, Togo et en anglais sur notre campus à Accra, Ghana.


 Certificate Title:


Management and


Business Strategy  (2)


(1) Certification registered on the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) by Decree of February 23rd 2017 in the Official Journal of March 3rd 2017

(2) Certification registered on the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) by Decree of July 7th 2017 in the Official Journal of July 19th 2017

A practical and professionalizing training

Energy Generation has the honour of welcoming experienced professors and trainers as well as speakers from leading global energy companies such as ENGIE,

Schneider Electric or EDF.

Passionate about the issues related to socio-economic development in Africa, entrepreneurship, innovation and thanks to their willingness to transmit their knowledge, they allow our School to propose a world-class teaching staff capable of training the leaders of tomorrow's Africa.

Whether through lectures, practical and supervised work, or personalized support for the development of your technical solution and business, our teaching team will be omnipresent to support you throughout your studies and on all aspects of your entrepreneurial project. 


Our Speakers

Apply to the Business & Agri School!

Our ambition is to provide excellent training to the brightest and most innovative minds across the continent who want to have a real positive impact on Africa's development. 


Our selection process is particularly demanding. Although academic and professional backgrounds are considered, we pay particular attention to the candidate's personality and motivation.



Let's get to know you!

Fill out the pre-registration form to receive more information about the program that suits you best.




The application file consists of:


1. Your Curriculum Vitae

2. A copy of your last diploma and your last transcripts

3. Detailed information about a person willing to support your application.

4. Short reflection tests



After studying the application files, the pre-selected candidates will be invited for a second selection phase during which they will have to share a short presentation video and pass an online logic test.



Applicants selected at the end of this selection process will be invited to complete the registration procedures.


The next academic year is scheduled for

January 2022