The Business & Agri School trains you to become an entrepreneur in the agricultural and food sector in Africa.

Whatever your current level of education, the Business & Agri School offers you a training program adapted and designed to accompany you to the next level. 


Our programs are delivered in French on our campus in Lomé (Togo), and in English on our campus in Accra (Ghana).




 Certificate Title:


Management and


Business Strategy  (2)


(1) Certification registered on the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) by Decree of February 23rd 2017 in the Official Journal of March 3rd 2017

(2) Certification registered on the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) by Decree of July 7th 2017 in the Official Journal of July 19th 2017

"In 30 years, Africa will be the youngest continent in the world, so the youth of today have to be aware [...] and take action to be the leaders that the world will need tomorrow"
Astria Fataki, President & Founder of Energy Generation, ESI Africa

The Business & Agri School trains the leaders of tomorrow's Africa in the agricultural and food sector, technological innovation and entrepreneurship.


By joining our Pan-African school, you will obtain an internationally recognized diploma while participating in the continent's agricultural & food industry development  through an innovative entrepreneurial project.

Benefit from a program based on a holistic approach


A unique program, based on MIT's Design Thinking method to develop your Minimum Viable Product from a technical (prototype) and commercial (business model) point of view.


An opportunity to obtain funding designed specifically to support the initiation and large-scale marketing of your project through the Energy Generation Seed Fund.

A practical and professionalizing training

Energy Generation has the honour of welcoming experienced professors and trainers as well as speakers from leading global energy companies such as ENGIE,

Schneider Electric or EDF.

Passionate about the issues related to socio-economic development in Africa, entrepreneurship, innovation and thanks to their willingness to transmit their knowledge, they allow our School to propose a world-class teaching staff capable of training the leaders of tomorrow's Africa.

Whether through lectures, practical and supervised work, or personalized support for the development of your technical solution and business, our teaching team will be omnipresent to support you throughout your studies and on all aspects of your entrepreneurial project. 

Our Speakers

Apply to the Business & Agri School!

Our ambition is to provide excellent training to the brightest and most innovative minds across the continent who want to have a real positive impact on Africa's development. 


Our selection process is particularly demanding. Although academic and professional backgrounds are considered, we pay particular attention to the candidate's personality and motivation.



Let's get to know you!

Fill out the pre-registration form to receive more information about the program that suits you best.




The application file consists of:


1. Your Curriculum Vitae

2. A copy of your last diploma and your last transcripts

3. Detailed information about a person willing to support your application.

4. Short reflection tests



After studying the application files, the pre-selected candidates will be invited for a second selection phase during which they will have to share a short presentation video and pass an online logic test.



Applicants selected at the end of this selection process will be invited to complete the registration procedures.


The next academic year is scheduled for

October 2021

Campus de Lomé FAQ

Our Training Programs

What is the duration of the program?

All training courses last 2 years. Each course is composed of 62 training modules on four themes: Knowledge, Know-How, Product and Enterprise. To find out about the details of the training courses offered, click on the following links:

Does the program offer alternating semesters for internships?

No, but you will have the opportunity to do a 4-month internship during your two-year course of study.

What diploma will I receive at the end of my training?

  • Bachelor II - Manager of Sales Administration and Business Relationship Management
    At the end of these two years, and subject to validation of all academic requirements, you will obtain the equivalent of a Bachelor II degree in Sales Administration and Commercial Relationship Management.

    This certification is registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by Decree of 23 February 2017 in the Official Journal of 03 March 2017.
  • Bachelor III - Operational manager in business management
    At the end of these two years, and subject to validation of all academic requirements, you will obtain the equivalent of a Bachelor III degree in operational business management.

    This certification is registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by Decree of 23 February 2017 in the Official Journal of 03 March 2017.
  • MBA - Business Unit Manager
    At the end of these two years, and subject to validation of all academic requirements, you will obtain the equivalent of an MBA degree in Business Unit Management.

    This certification is registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by Decree of 07 July 2017 in the Official Journal of 19 July 2017.

Why should I choose the Business & Agri School Programs?

  • Our programs have been specially designed based on MIT’s Design Thinking Approach centered on entrepreneurship in the food and agricultural sector.
  • We offer a pre-incubation program that gives students the opportunity to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and the technical support needed to develop a prototype for production. Qualified projects could also receive seed-funding to start-up.
  • Our intensive courses and modules are developed in partnership with the Ascencia Business School, a member of College de Paris giving you an internationally recognized diploma and the possibility to further your studies at the College de Paris in France.

What are the career prospects?

As much as we train students to become entrepreneurs, the Business & Agri School graduates also have numerous career options in the growing agricultural sector in business operations, sales and management.

What are the differences between certifications and degrees offered?

The Advanced Professional Diploma is accessible after a high school degree minimum. The Bachelor Program is accessible after a high school diploma or one year post secondary diploma minimum. The MBA is accessible after a bachelor’s degree or a three year post secondary diploma.

Do you offer online studies?

We do not offer online studies at the moment. However, this mode of learning is being developed in addition to our existing learning methods.

Can I enroll part-time in any of the programs?

All programs are taught full-time except for the MBA. The MBA class sessions are organized in the evenings and on weekends convenient for working professionals who wish to enroll.

Who will be teaching my courses?

As a student at the BE School you will be taught by an international level teaching staff. Each year Energy Generation welcomes experienced professors, trainers and external professional speakers from leading global energy companies supporting our mission such as ENGIE, Schneider Electric and EDF.

How is learning organized?

Our programs have been carefully designed to provide excellent training based on four main themes namely; Knowledge, Soft-skills, Product and Business. The two-year training is divided into 80 different modules specific to each week and a 4 month internship during the last semester.

  • Knowledge and Know-how modules:
The Knowledge Weeks focus on the tools needed for entrepreneurship in the energy sector. These skills will be useful to support the development and management of start-ups in the energy sector: company management, purchasing management, social relations management, technical issues related to energy, strategic marketing, economic concepts and news, business law, accounting and financial management.

The weeks dedicated to KnowHow will refine personal development, creativity, oral and written communication techniques, public speaking, time and stress management, negotiation techniques, commercial techniques as well as personal development.
  • Product and Company oriented modules:
The weeks devoted to the Entrepreneurial Project will be dedicated to the development of the startup and its business model: open innovation, business model canvas, design thinking, business games, collaborative tool management, and experimental approach. The weeks devoted to the technical project will be dedicated to mastering the technical challenges and developing the technical product: technical design, introduction to coding, prototyping, performance and continuous improvement of systems, technical plans and industrialization processes, product life cycle & eco-design.

Application and Selection of candidates

How do I apply to the Businnes & Agri School?

To apply to the Business & Agri School, you must pre-register by clicking on the following link:

What documents are required to complete my application file?

To complete your registration form, you must provide the following documents:

  • A copy of the last diploma obtained
  • A copy of the last transcript received
  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • Information details of a person willing to support your application
  • Candidates will also have to answer short reflective essays For Phase 2 application, applicants will: Complete a self-assessment of entrepreneurial skills Complete a logic test Make a 3-minute presentation video

Who can apply for the Business & Agri School Programs?

All self-motivated individuals interested in pursuing education in business and agriculture and have obtained at least a high-school diploma are invited to apply. We are also very interested in innovative entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector who need both theoretical and technical training to implement their business projects.

When can I apply?

Applications are open by the first quarter of each year prior to the start of the academic year in October for both campuses in Lome and Accra. Applications for October 2020 are open until August 31, 2020.

I am interested in two different programs, can I apply for both?

No, applicants can apply for only one program at a time for the upcoming academic year.

Who should write a letter of recommendation?

Recommenders should be academic professors or professional supervisors or colleagues who know you well and can concretely testify of your abilities and character.

Do I need to take a language proficiency test?

Prospective students are not required to provide language test results. Your language ability would be tested during your application via the video presentation, that is if you are not originally from an English or French-speaking country. However if you have previously taken a language test do not hesitate to add it to your application.

I have submitted my online application, what happens next?

All applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. After successfully completing the application process, your application will be thoroughly assessed by the selection committee and you will receive the decision within a month from the submission date.

I have a question concerning my application, who do I contact?

All relevant question not provided in the FAQs should be directed to

Our Campus

What facilities do I have access to as a student?

Admitted students have unlimited access to all campus facilities as and when necessary including lecture rooms, workshops, common areas and IT resources. In view of this, students are entreated to handle all school property with maximum care and attention.

I am coming from another country, how do I find accommodation?

The Business & Agri School Accra campus does not provide accomodation facilities at the moment. It is the sole responsibility of prospective students to find their own accommodation. Luckily Accra has a wide range of student accommodation options due to its high student population. The Business & Agri School team is of course at your disposal to guide you and help you in the search for your future accommodation in Accra.

EnergyTech Lab

I have a project idea, what tools are made available to develop my prototype or product?

During your two years of training, you will have unlimited access to our makerspace, a state-of-the art manufacturing workshop. The workshop is open to all students and provides CNC tools and machine tools usually reserved for professionals. These tool will allow students to easily develop an elaborate and technologically innovative prototype. To do this, our makerspace is divided into different spaces: • an IT space • an electronics and assembly area • a training area • a machines area The machinery area will be equipped with the most recent equipment, recommended by the Fab Foundation, such as: • a 3D printer - Original Prusa i3 MK3 • a 3D scanner - Sense 2 Black Handheld • a laser cutter - Orion Motor Tech CO2 60W Other equipment will be added in the future.
Our teachers, trainers and interveners will be available to help you master the use of all these machines and exploit their full potential.

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